Mahayogi Tapsi Sarkar

The land of India periodically has been the birth place of a number of great sages and saints. There have been many extraordinary incarnations of deities on this holy land. For the sake of releasing the souls from the terrible miseries of this world and providing them peace and salvation, countless men have  made supreme sacrifices so far.

Tapasi SarkarWhether it is Rama or Krishna, or Kabir and Nanaka- regardless of their sufferings all of them have been voluntarily immortalized in history for the sake of the liberation of the souls and to make sense of the eternal God.

People attain the end of sufferings by the blessings of the saints but they do not understand how much those great souls have suffered in the search for truth. For Self-enlightened saints, the whole world looks as their own Self.

Like Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, many incarnations of gods are described in our scriptures. All of these incarnations were intended to be  great reasons in this world. The incarnations like Rama, Krishna, Durga, Kali, etc. fall into this category. These incarnations had changed the course of time with their influence.

Respectively there have been many divine incarnations in the four ages, whose worship is being performed even today for the welfare of mankind.

Consequently, the incarnation of the mighty Hanuman Ji, a great devotee of Lord Rama is very interesting. The Sun-resplendent personality and the embodiment of the ultimate indulgent Mahabali Hanuman took the form of a Mahayogi, and in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh state in India (near Gorakhpur) on 8 December 2005, the day Thursday at 10 a.m., a great time in the morning, showering His blessings on devotees, He appeared on the sacred banks of the legendary river Manorama in the village Harraiya to show people the path of truth and salvation.

Seeing the glory of his personality people thought Him to be some great ascetic and so He became known by the name “Tapasi Sarkar” (Tapaswi Sarkar), because He was literally the statue of austerity by His Darshan.

He mostly lived absorbed in worship and meditation. He was God for the people of Harraiya. By His mere presence, there was overwhelming peace and prosperity far and wide. People respectfully called Him as “Sarkar”.

“Exactly who He were?” It was not possible to know Him for normal humans.
“Why had He came to the banks of Manorama?” He could pick other pilgrimages and the holy places such as the Ganga, the Yamuna etc? He could reside there? Only the Master (our Guruji) Himself can answer these mysterious questions.

Nevertheless, based on the scriptures, I’ll tell you what I have felt with my own little intellect—-

Speaking in legendary terms, “Ayodhya” is the worshipped Dharmnagari and the holy birthplace of lord Rama, from this holy land a stream of the Sarayu river flows through the village of Harraiya in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh. This very stream is known as “Manorama river”.

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Mahayogi Tapsi Sarkar