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Life of Mahayogi Tapsi Sarkar

Pujya Guruji

After the passing of Sarkar, Pujya Guruji succeeded his spiritual legacy. Now Guruji's voice is the voice of the Sarkar. All is happening well and better by Guruji’s blessings and guidance.

At Guruji's home there is a separate, quiet and beautiful little room. He spends almost all of his time in meditation and satsang in that room. He gets out of there only for important tasks. There is a beautiful photo hanging on its wall, which contains adorable images of Kankhal Swami, Raman Maharshi and Tapsi Sarkar. There are no other photos except it. These three saints were contemporary in their times and all three were mahaayogees. They were familiar with one another completely.

There was a time when the master would take rest on a wooden frames kept in the room. While sleeping on it, he often felt that someone was sitting beside him and saying that where he would sleep. He had experienced it so many times.

On one night, he saw clearly that the Sarkar was sitting on the bed and was asking where he would sleep. As soon as Guruji awoke, he disappeared. From that day Guruji set his bed on the ground.

Now that wooden board is one of the sacred memories of the Sarkar. Guruji's personality is beyond the power of the knowledge of the ordinary people. He is a great figure in itself. Under whose valuable guidance people are making their lives successful and are moving rapidly on the path of spirituality. He sits in the same room to guide people.

Devotees say, “Guruji! When you speak, we feel so much peace, your voice is full of nectar.”

Then referring to the Sarkar, Guruji respond, “Look, he is the Sarkar, he does everything. What will I speak? I do not have so much power.”