Manorama River

Manorama river

Manorama river is considered a stream of Saryu river. This river touches many villages like Kotiya, Pandul, Ojha Ganj etc. The people of nearby villages use the bank of Manorama river for last rituals(cremation). The widely popular Manorama Festival, also known as Manorama Mahotsav, has its name after the name of the river Manorama. Manorama festival is organized every year during winter in Tehsil HARRAIYA.


Harraiya is a Tehsil in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh, India. There is a legend about its name that Bhagwan Ram with Mata Sita and Bhrata Lakshman went by this way in Ramayan period. So it was then named as 'Hari-Rahiya' in the regional Awadhi language. Later the name 'Hari-Rahiya' turned into 'Harraiya'.